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Working with government

17 November, 2015



Why work with government?

UK Electronic Health records project

  • 9 year project
  • Cost (2013 estimate): $16 Billion
  • Reasons for failure: too large, too ambitious, too many changing requirements

LMBR - Dept. Education (NSW)

  • 8 years in the making
  • $531 million pilot Learning Management and Business Reform
  • Thousands of TAFE students left unable to enrol because of system glitches

So what HAS worked?


Atlanta Municipal Court Queue

Technology meeting my needs

Vader Toast

So basically... you're saying ...

That's cool and all m8, but what are you doing?

Neighbourhood Justice Centre

Doing justice locally and finding lasting solutions that strengthen the City of Yarra
  • Prevent and reduce criminal and other harmful behaviour in the Yarra community
  • Increase confidence in, and access to the justice system for the Yarra communities
  • Strengthen the Neighbourhood Justice Centre Community justice model and facilitate the transfer of its practices to other courts and communities
  • Twitter: @NJC_Collingwood
  • More info:

But what does this all translate to?

Court order breaches

High risk

  • State average: 59.9% breached
  • NJC: 23.1% breached

Medium risk

  • State average: 35.3% breached
  • NJC: 13.6% breached

Recidivism (repeat offending)

25% lower than comparative magistrates courts

So what are we doing with NJC

  • Research
  • Prototype
  • Refine
  • Connecting

That's all folks