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27 October, 2015



A bit about today...

Homer thinking

Today is not....

Robber Yoda

Now... these are pretty cool

  • CourtBot - Code for America, Atlanta
  • Promptly - Code for America,
  • The Hive - Harvest Digital Planning


Atlanta Municipal Court Queue



The Hive

The Hive

By: Harvest Digital Planning

Technology meeting my needs

Vader Toast

Today's workshop

  • Pair up
  • Choose one of the possible statements
  • Expand on the issues
  • Come up with a solution that could be prototyped

Ice break car


  • Client attendance and compliance (court orders, appointments, fine payment)
  • Keeping up with what is going on across the NJC (and outside the centre)
  • Embedding the values of a community justice model in criminal courts
  • Engaging with clients before and after their court date

First steps - Interview

  • Interview your partner about the statement they chose

Dig deeper

  • Explore the statement from the perspective of all the stakeholders involved

ie. why do their clients need to attend appointments?

Capture findings

  • Needs - the things they are trying to do (perhaps use verbs)
  • Insights - new learnings about the statement

Redefine the statement

[partner / user] needs a way to [their needs] suprisingly / because / but [your insights]

Let's sketch

  • Try and sketch 3 radical ways to meet your users needs
  • They dont need to be perfect, just get your ideas out

Share with your partner

  • Share your solutions with your partner
  • Capture their feedback


  • Reflect on the feedback and generate a new solution
  • Sketch it and add details you think are necessary

Great job!


My time @ the NJC

So far, I've spent time with

  • Court Registry
  • Information team
  • Crime Prevention
  • PiT team
  • Various members of client services

Some things you've told me about...

Current technology

  • TrakCare
  • CourtLink
  • Lotus Notes
  • Contrax
  • DOJ Network

Client attendance and compliance

  • Appointments
  • Court dates
  • Possible misinformation from other services


  • Keeping up with what is happening across the centre
  • Educating others about community justice
  • Email, email, email

Some observations...

Informal knowledge sharing

  • Lots of verbal information sharing
  • Are we missing opportunities for collaboration?

Measuring impact of projects and ideas

  • Sharing what did and didn't work
  • Assessing the impact

Sharing our successes

So....now what?

  • We'll collate all the responses online and send them out to all staff
  • Let's dig in a start trialing / prototyping some possible solutions
  • Would we like a follow up session?

Coming up

Civic lab w/ the City of Yarra - November